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Cowboy Mouth and Stephen Klein have quite a history. Although Stephen Klein no longer manages the band, their friendship and admiration for each other is paramount. Stephen Klein Management signed Cowboy Mouth in 1994, when the band was questioning their own existence. He quickly instilled confidence in the band and fulfilled his promise of a major record deal within a year.

Stephen Klein assembled a “dream team” to help direct the band down the path he envisioned for them. The first task was to get the band signed to MCA Records and use radio airplay as a guide to help expedite the success. Knowing the band was perhaps the greatest live rock ‘n roll band in America, Stephen Klein knew touring would be the life blood for Cowboy Mouth. He quickly signed the band’s touring responsibilities over to long time friend Scott Clayton and CAA. Scott Clayton was busy with REM and Wide Spread Panic and other national acts, but agreed to add Cowboy Mouth to his roster.

Next signee was Gus Gusler, the attorney to handle legal affairs. Gus came highly recommended by Cowboy Mouth’s close friends Hootie and the Blowfish. The last piece of the puzzle was an accountant to handle money matters. Stephen Klein Management wanted the money to stay local so they sought after the highly respected CPA of the Neville Brothers, The Meters, Trent Reznor, and other artists living in New Orleans: Shannon Chabaud.

Together, with his team and the greatest live show on earth, history began to unfold. Cowboy Mouth went on headline their own tour, occasionally playing with other national acts such as Hootie and the Blowfish, Sister Hazel, Wide Spread Panic, Edwin McCain, and many others. Cowboy Mouth amazed audiences at their sell-out shows, and their fan base continued to grow. “Jenny Says,” the song that became the anthem for the band, went number #1 on Billboard’s Heat Seekers charts. Cowboy Mouth enjoyed several other moderate hits from the album Are You With Me, including “How Do You Tell Someone,” getting radio airplay across the country. Cowboy Mouth continues to play more than 250 shows a year.



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